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The church administration team oversees the logistical and operational aspects of the church, ensuring smooth coordination of events, and supporting the pastoral staff in their ministry endeavors. Committed to upholding the spiritual and organizational integrity of the church, this team serves as a crucial backbone for the congregation's activities and growth.

Baptistry set Up/tear down

The church baptistry set up and tear down team is responsible for preparing the baptistry for baptisms, ensuring it is filled with clean water and properly equipped for baptisms. After the service, they efficiently drain the baptistry, clean the area, and store equipment, ensuring a seamless transition for future events.

Bathroom team

The church bathroom team diligently maintains the cleanliness and functionality of restroom facilities, ensuring a welcoming and hygienic environment for congregants and visitors. While this is not a janitorial, full cleaning team, but a once over with a commitment to excellence. They regularly restock supplies, sweep trash, and report any maintenance issues promptly, contributing to the overall comfort and satisfaction of attendees.


The church benevolence team compassionately serves those in need within the congregation and the community, offering practical assistance and emotional support during times of hardship. Through careful assessment of needs and discreet distribution of resources, they embody the church's commitment to love and care for others, fostering a culture of generosity and compassion.

building and grounds maintenance

The church building and grounds team diligently maintains the physical infrastructure and outdoor spaces of the church, ensuring a safe, clean, and inviting environment for worship and fellowship. With attention to detail and a heart for stewardship, they oversee repairs, landscaping, and general upkeep, contributing to the overall well-being and aesthetics of the church property.


The church cafe team provides a warm and welcoming environment where congregants and visitors can gather for fellowship and refreshments. With a focus on hospitality and quality service, they prepare and serve beverages and light snacks, creating opportunities for community-building and meaningful connections.

communion prep

The church communion prep team meticulously prepares the elements for communion, ensuring everything is set up with care. With a deep understanding of the significance of the Lord’s Supper, they handle the bread and wine with utmost respect, contributing to a meaningful and spiritually enriching experience for the congregation of NRCC.

decision guide

The purpose of the Decision Guides  is to help people find and follow Jesus by receiving them during response time of a Sunday Service and move them on to the proper next step. The purpose of the Response Team is not to disciple long term, as that is unsustainable, but to connect them with Life Groups, elders, or pastor.

events planning/facilitating

The church event planning and facilitation team orchestrates seamless and impactful events that cater to the diverse needs and interests of the congregation. From coordinating logistics to managing communication and ensuring a welcoming atmosphere, they work tirelessly to create memorable and uplifting experiences that strengthen the bonds of fellowship within the NRCC.


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welcome desk

The church frontline team serves as the initial point of contact for congregants and visitors, offering warm greetings, assistance, and information about church services and events. With a heart for hospitality and a dedication to creating a welcoming atmosphere, they embody the spirit of welcome and kindness that reflects the values of NRCC.

guest follow up

The church guest follow-up team reaches out to newcomers with genuine care and hospitality, ensuring they feel valued and welcomed beyond their initial visit. Through personalized communication and invitations to connect with the church community, they strive to foster lasting relationships and integrate newcomers into the life of NRCC.

home & yard service

(non-church property)

The church home assistance team offers practical support and assistance to individuals within the congregation who require help with tasks around their homes. Whether it's repairs, maintenance, yard work or other household needs, this team embodies the spirit of service and community, lending a helping hand to those in need within the NRCC family.

hospital visitation

The church hospital visitation team provides compassionate support and spiritual care to individuals and their families during times of illness or hospitalization. Visits are with empathy and sensitivity, offering prayer, encouragement, and a comforting presence, embodying the love and care of the NRCC during difficult times.

kids ministry

The NRCC kids ministry creates engaging and nurturing environments where children can find and follow Jesus at their level. With a focus on age-appropriate teaching, creative activities, and building meaningful relationships, we seek to empower children to develop a strong foundation in their faith in Jesus.

meal train

The church meal train team organizes and coordinates meals for individuals or families, both within NRCC and those who may be connected to NRCC,  who are experiencing a significant life event or hardship. With a heart for service and community support, they ensure that practical needs are met with warmth and generosity, offering nourishment and care during challenging times.


The church missions team passionately advocates for and supports local and global outreach efforts, embodying the church's commitment to serving others beyond its walls and spreading the truth of Jesus. With a focus on empowering communities, spreading the Gospel of Jesus, and meeting tangible needs, they strive to make a meaningful impact and share the love of Christ with people from all walks of life.

parking lot

The church parking lot team efficiently manages parking logistics and signage during services and events, ensuring a smooth and orderly flow of vehicles for congregants and guests. With a smile, friendly and helpful demeanor, they provide guidance and assistance to create a welcoming atmosphere from the moment attendees arrive, reflecting the NRCC’s commitment to hospitality.

post service clean sweep

The post-church service clean sweep team diligently ensures that the church facilities are promptly tidied and restored after each service. This is a once over with a focus on attention to detail and a commitment to maintaining a welcoming environment, they contribute to the overall positive experience of congregants and visitors.

pre-service clean sweep

The pre-church service clean sweep team meticulously prepares the church facilities, ensuring cleanliness and orderliness before each service. With a focus on creating a welcoming environment for congregants and visitors, they strive to set the stage for a meaningful and distraction-free worship experience.

prayer team

The church prayer team fervently intercedes on behalf of NRCC and community, lifting up requests and praises to God with faith, compassion and confidentiality. Committed to nurturing spiritual growth and supporting the needs of individuals, they create a sacred space for prayer, fostering a deeper connection with God and one another.


The church security team diligently ensures the safety and well-being of congregants and visitors during services and events, implementing measures to prevent and respond to potential threats or emergencies. With a commitment to maintaining a secure environment while upholding a spirit of hospitality, they provide peace of mind, allowing worshippers to focus on their spiritual experience.

service setup/tear down

The service set up and tear down team efficiently prepares the church space for worship services, arranging seating, equipment, and decorations to create a welcoming atmosphere. After the service, they meticulously disassemble and store equipment, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the church environment.

social media

The church social media team strategically manages the online presence of the congregation, creating engaging content and fostering meaningful interactions with members and the wider community. With a commitment to sharing the church's message of faith, hope, and love, they leverage digital platforms to connect, inspire, and extend the reach of the NRCC’s mission of helping people find and follow Jesus.

student ministry

The NRCC student ministry provides a dynamic and supportive community tailored to the unique needs of teenagers to help them find and follow Jesus as well as develop meaningful connections. With a passion for guiding and mentoring, the student ministry creates opportunities for students to explore and grow their faith, develop leadership skills, and build lasting friendships within a safe and encouraging community.


The church transportation team ensures that members of the congregation have reliable transportation to and from church events, services, and activities; as well as transportation help to doctor’s visits, school, etc. With a compassionate and dependable approach, they coordinate rides and transportation logistics, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the life of the church regardless of their mobility or transportation limitations.

worship ministry

The NRCC worship ministry leads our church in God honoring and spirit-filled worship experiences, creating an atmosphere where people can encounter God through music and praise. With a heart for authenticity and excellence, they cultivate a diverse range of musical expressions that inspire and unite the congregation in worship.

worship tech ministry

The NRCC worship tech ministry operates and maintains the audio, visual, and lighting equipment to enhance the worship experience through technology. With precision and creativity, they ensure seamless execution of multimedia elements, enabling the church to engage fully in worship and connect with the message being conveyed.


The church usher team warmly welcomes congregants and visitors inside the Worship Center, guiding them to their seats and providing assistance as needed during services and events. With a friendly and attentive demeanor, they create a hospitable atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels valued and comfortable as they gather for worship and fellowship.