Join a group

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We believe that real life change happens through great relationships. God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we grow to our full potential as followers of Jesus. We connect with each other through Life Groups which are groups of 12-15 people or Core Groups of 3-4, same gender accountability groups. God did not intend for us to do life alone! 

become a difference maker

At NRCC we call those who serve Difference Makers instead of volunteers because a volunteer sounds like someone is just there to check off the box. A Difference Maker is someone who is invested and committed to making a difference in our community and our church. Whether it's serving at the middle school, cleaning, serving, greeting, or working with kids, we are always in need of someone who wants to make a difference. 

single parent family focus

Raising a family is hard, raising a family as a single parent is exponentially harder. We understand that here and we would love to partner with single parent families. Our goal is to come along side of single parents and partner in any way that we can or that you may need. 

Life & spiritual mentoring

We regularly meet in the evenings during the week for 6 or 10 week journeys for coaching, training and biblical learning on how to get through this difficult thing called life. Not only that, we do it together and we do it in ways that you are encouraged and learn about who Jesus is.

Prayer team and prayer requests

A diverse group of prayer warriors, that pray fervently for the world, our city, and our church. It is a time of communication with God and we confidentially pray for any and all requests shared with us. 

We'd love to pray for you. If you would like for us to pray, please email your request by clicking here.

Serve with NRCC worship

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Worship at NRCC is powerful, energetic, and joy filled! Are you feeling called to serve in worship? Our audition process is super friendly, just hit the link and we'll get started. Maybe you prefer to be behind the scenes and like tech? Part of worship is making sure it sounds great and looks great, if that is you, we'd love to get you started.

We are currently looking for guitar players, male singers, and tech.